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Can I see dr. Srinivasan again?

If ...

  • you have seen Dr. Srinivasan about this specific concern

  • within the last year

then please schedule a follow-up using the button below:

 Otherwise, Ministry of Health regulations require a new referral. Please have a referring physician (e.g. your family doctor) fax a referral to (416) 987-5563. If we're able to accept the referral, we'll contact you directly to schedule an appointment within approximately 5 business days

How do I reschedule or cancel a scheduled appointment?

If you consented to receiving an email confirmation, you should have been sent an email confirmation with a link to cancel or reschedule. For most individuals, your credentials to cancel or reschedule your appointment:

Username: your email address
Temporary password: your OHIP number.

If you already happen to have an account with Veribook, our online scheduling system, you will need to use your existing account password instead.

You can also sign into your account directly here, if you lost the email confirmation.

Please show consideration to your fellow patients by cancelling appointments as early as possible if you no longer require an appointment or can no longer attend. Kindly note that missed appointments, or those cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, will be subject to a fee may be payable before another appointment may be scheduled.

It is also an option to call our office between 11 AM and 1 PM, Monday to Thursday, at (647) 812-5600 ext. 225 to schedule appointments.

I have aN Administrative question or I'm responding to a question

Please use the form below to send us your message!

We use a web form (instead of email) as it's more secure and helps make sure we have all the information that we need to respond correctly.

I have a medical question

Unfortunately, Ministry of Health regulations do not allow Dr. Srinivasan to receive any compensation for providing medical advice remotely (e.g. by phone or in writing).

Nevertheless, for your convenience, if you have been seen by Dr. Srinivasan within the past two (2) weeks and your question is very straightforward, please use the following form and Dr. Srinivasan to see whether she can effective supply an answer without your coming in. Please do recognize that many questions will require an in-person assessment, and you may be asked to book a follow-up appointment instead.

For complex questions or if you have not seen Dr. Srinivasan within the past two (2) weeks, please follow the instructions above to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Srinivasan in person instead.

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Phone & Fax information

Phone: (647) 812-5600.

Voicemails can be left anytime.

To schedule or reschedule appointments, please call between the hours of 11AM and 1PM, Monday to Thursday.

When leaving voicemails, ensure you clearly state your name, OHIP #, and message.

Fax: (416) 987-5563.


Dr. Ragini Srinivasan sees patients at multiple locations. Please check your appointment confirmation to know your appointments location.

Practice Locations:

  • 2nd floor, 418 Eglinton Avenue West

  • 625 Queen St. East

Mailing Address:
Suite 200 - 418 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto, ON M5N 1A2